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An Empires
of History

A FREE Turn Based 2 Player Strategy Game
An Empires of History Online Game

Thermopylae Online is a turn based strategy game where 2 players take command of the Greek and Persian armies in the Battle of Thermopylae, 480BC. A battle where just 11,000 Greeks lead by the infamous 300 Spartans stood against more than 150,000 Persians. Players bid to see which side they will play and what victory conditions must be met. Thermopylae Online is FREE to Download and FREE to play, so Create an Account now!. No money, credit cards or checks required.  For more information read our About Thermopylae pages.

[-]  View the Thermopylae Game Play Tutorials to see how Thermopylae Online is played or for assistance in downloading and installing the software. View the Game Map below or visit the Nations pages for more information on the Persian and Greek/Spartan forces.

[-] All free accounts get 8 game credits. This means free players will be able to participate in up to 8 ongoing games at one time. These credits may be used to play any Empires of History Online game, including 1483 Online and Pantheons Online. Check out Empires of History Gaming Network Enhanced Membership Packages to recieve extra game play credits and other great benefits. Starting as low as just $9.95 per year.

[-] For more information on Thermopylae Online and other developments in the Empires of History series of multi player online games, drop by our Discussion Forums, or click on the flaming swords logo to check out the Empires of History Board Game Series

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